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Tom McCoy, Owner/Manager   
15 W. Main Street
Webster, NY 14580
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15 W. Main Street

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(585) 872-4990
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Performance Hobbies, Webster, New York
Well, as I write this, it's September, its' getting cooler in Upstate New York, and the
flying season the kids are back in school.  If your shop is anything like mine, you have
had kids running about your store all summer.  We have four of them, ages 9 - 14,
who are here every day.  They can get into around here, all in the confines of my
hobby shop.  Unlike some of you (you know who you are), we at Performance
Hobbies encourage this.  Why, you ask?  Because I love what I do!  When I was
young, kids were not treated this way at most hobby shops.  The typical Because
they loved to come in your shop and dream about the cool stuff you sold?  Yes, they
ask way too many questions, take up all your valuable time and are there just to
annoy you.  You were a miserable old man and unfortunately, some of you are still
that way today.  This leads to the title of we do:  The business of this month's
column: What fun".  How many people do you know who have a job (if you can call it
that) as cool as ours?  I can't wait to get to work in the morning.  When I open the
door of my store and see all the cool stuff, I thank God that I can do what I do every
day.  No boss, no daily grind, no corporate BS, just toys, toys, toys!  In fact, when
UPS shows up at the door (talk about someone who whines about weeks Well, as I
write this, it's September, its' getting cooler in Upstate New   When it?come is that?  
When they talk about how much they hate work and how boring   No, I don't their
jobs No, I don't make lots of money, take long vacations, or get paid holidays.  I have
to go make lots of money, take long vacations, or get paid holidays.  I have to go to
work when I am sick, or when I'm tired, and I can't call in for a personal day.  But
whey would you want to take a personal day on Christmas?  So, next time little
Johnny spends way too much time in your store and asks way too many questions,
and you are ready to tell him he can't hang out at your shop any more unless he
spends money,
stop!  Sit back, smile, give him a free balsa glider (as we do), and
remember ... what we do.
You may not make a ton of money, but
running a hobby store is ultimately one
of the coolest jobs there is, according
to Tom McCoy.

What we do:  The business of fun

MONDAY..............11 - 6 pm
TUESDAY.............11 - 7 pm
WEDNESDAY.....11 - 6 pm
THURSDAY..........11 - 7 pm
FRIDAY..................11 - 6 pm
SATURDAY...........11 -  6 pm
1 - 4 pm
Love the hobby?...
Want to be a part of the Industry?....
Performance Hobbies is
You will need to have a general knowledge of all
products and also be able to work weekends.
If you are interested please email us at
Performance Hobby